Proven Experience + Home Warranty = Peace of Mind.

Crawlspaces 2 Basements with a Customer.Crawlspaces 2 Basements is the leader in crawlspace conversion. We understand that remodeling your home is a major decision and a significant investment. With many years of experience, we know that any remodeling project comes with some level of uncertainty. Here at Crawlspaces 2 Basements, we are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction. We strive to provide you with the best possible experience, from our first conversation to the completion of your new basement.

In order to provide you with complete peace of mind, Crawlspaces 2 Basements has partnered with StrucSure Home Warranty to provide additional warranty coverage for your crawlspace conversion. StrucSure Home Warranty is the nation’s leading warranty provider. They are entirely focused on providing homeowners with peace of mind in major construction projects. Crawlspaces 2 Basements is pleased to offer a 5-year StrucSure Home Warranty on all of our crawlspace conversion projects. Below is a summary of the coverage provided by this valuable warranty.StrucSure Home Warranty.

  • Up to $10,000 worth of coverage against major structural defects
  • Five years of coverage after the project is completed
  • Warranty included with your crawlspace conversion project

Call Crawlspaces 2 Basements at 303-598-9988 or visit StrucSure Home Warranty for complete warranty details. The specific coverage in this StrucSure Home Warranty may change without notice. Call for complete details and definitions of coverage.

We look forward to helping you expand your living space and increase the value of your home. Call today to schedule an appointment: 303-598-9988.