Walkout Basement in Salida

Project Details:

  • Built in 1968
  • 2-story home on caissons
  • Converted full crawlspace into walkout basement
  • Completed all excavation, concrete and structural reinforcement
  • Provided space for a master suite and work room
  • Interior finish work completed at a later time
  • Provided exterior siding
  • Homeowner is very happy with the end result and ROI

Crawlspace Remodel Floorplan

Master Suite for Mountain Home

This two-story mountain home in Salida was built in 1968 on caissons with a full crawlspace. Our homeowners wanted to add more space but the couldn’t go “up or out” due to zoning restrictions so crawlspace conversion was the perfect solution. Crawlspaces 2 Basements converted 800 square feet of crawlspace into a full basement complete with a walk-out.

This project included the addition of a brand new foundation, pouring new footers & flatwork, installing structural beams, exterior re-grading, installing a new staircase, & re-siding the exterior of the home. Our homeowners now use the space as a master-suite and work-room and have seen a tremendous return on their investment.