Littleton Conversion

Project Details

  • Converted 450 sf of crawlspace to expand partial basement
  • Completed all excavation, concrete and structural reinforcement
  • Provided space for a full bathroom and new storage space
  • Interior finish work will be completed at a later time
  • Entire project completed within 30 days
Crawlspace Remodel Floorplan


Expanded Basement in a Newer Home

This family’s home was relatively new, built in 2001. The main floors were well designed and very efficient. Plus, they had a great location near Chatfield reservoir. However, they were frustrated to only have a partial basement, with a crawlspace at one end.

Ted Tapparo and Crawlspaces 2 Basements were selected to convert 450 sf of crawlspace into usable living area for the family. Within a few weeks, this project transformed the crawlspace into a new full bathroom and a functional storage room.

The family was extremely pleased with the speed and workmanship provided by Crawlspaces 2 Basements. The family reports the new living space has significantly improved their enjoyment of the home. Plus, they anticipate that a full basement will significantly increase the value of their home.