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What is the first step to create my new basement?

The first step is to evaluate your existing crawlspace and foundation walls. Call today to schedule an appointment with Crawlspaces 2 Basements. Together, we will complete a walk-around of your property to evaluate the existing structure of your home and discuss options for creating your new basement before presenting you with our formal recommendations.

Who does the design and engineering work?

Crawlspaces 2 Basements partners with outstanding interior designers throughout the Denver Metro area. Our designers specialize in basements and they are experts at maximizing the value of your new living space.

Our expert structural engineers create customized construction plans for your new basement. These plans guide the entire construction process. Crawlspaces 2 Basements works with a small group of structural engineers, who have extensive experience in crawlspace conversion.

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Together with our expert partners, Crawlspaces 2 Basements has the knowledge, experience and integrity to do the job right.

Will this process work with a brick foundation?

Crawlspace conversion is an excellent choice for older homes with brick foundations. Over the years, brick foundations may weaken and crack. The individual bricks soften through long-term exposure to moisture and temperature changes. Converting your crawlspace is an excellent way to reinforce your foundation and gain new living space at the same time.

Crawlspaces 2 Basements has extensive experience working with brick foundations. We can provide several effective options to design and construct your new basement. Our engineering-based process makes it safe and affordable to convert your crawlspace and improve the structural integrity of the home.

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What if my existing foundation is cracking? Can you help?

Ted Tapparo and Crawlspaces 2 Basements are experts in foundations and concrete. We have the knowledge and proven experience to solve almost any challenge with your existing foundation. Crawlspace conversion provides an excellent opportunity to identify and resolve structural problems in your home.

What if my house is built on caissons (piers)?

Here in Colorado, many homes are built on caissons (structural piers), due to our expansive clay soils. This type of specialized construction is ideal for crawlspace conversion.

Crawlspaces 2 Basements has extensive experience at creating new basements for homes built on caissons. Plus, we have learned how to save time and money for these homeowners. First, caisson construction saves time in the excavation process. Then, when excavation is complete, the caissons are encapsulated in your new basement walls, to provide the maximum structural support.

My home already has a basement, but the ceilings are very low. Can you help?

Crawlspaces 2 Basements can easily create more headroom in your existing basement. The only question is how deep do you want to go? Our engineering-based construction process enables us to create basement walls up to 12 ft. tall.

If you want more headroom in your existing basement, Crawlspaces 2 Basements has the knowledge and experience to do the job right.

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